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About Us

NEOC, a coalition consisting of human rights groups, civil society organizations and distinguished individuals, has come into being in pursuant to the values and principles of universal adult suffrage enshrined in the UDHR and ICCPR. NEOC coordinates the election monitoring process in close cooperation with the Election Commission and other related governmental and non-governmental institutions engaged in electoral education and observation. The activities of NEOC are designed not only to merely observe the actual polls but also to enhance systematic campaign to ensure free, fair, unrigged and peaceful elections in combination with civic and voter education programs. It also sets out to persuade to concerned authorities to enhance freedom of elections as an integral part of human rights and democratic development.

NEOC is a founding member of Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL). NEOC serves in the organization’s Board of Directors since 2008. and has participated in many international observation missions. NEOC was also involved in the draftingprocess of the recently promulgated Bangkok Declaration on Free and Fair Elections under the auspicious of ANFREL.

Mission and Vision:
The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections’- UDHR, Article 21. NEOC believes in the internationally accepted principles of the freedom of elections based on the notion of universal suffrage. It is also considering introducing modern technologies and croudsourcing exercise to maintain complete sanctity of elections throughout the electoral cycles. Apart from election observation, NEOC is engaged as a democracy watch flagship organization primarily focused on the study, training, advocacy and lobbying for the development of an appropriate representation model in the new constitution of the country. Currently we are entrusted to execute the EU funded three year project titled “Enhancing Electoral Education and Observation of Elections in Nepal.” NEOC also successfully executed TAF supported election observation project during the CA election-2013.

The major ongoing activities of the organization include:
  • Election Monitoring: Research, education, advocacy, coordination and publications
  • Election Observation: Field audit, networking, reporting and documentation
  • Policy Dialogues: Public consultations, lobbying, social interaction on constitutional/legal/administrative reforms
  • Democracy Watch: Field research, rights-based civic/voters’ education, engagement with stakeholders, campaign, voter registration observation etc.