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CA Election Observation
Monitoring the elections for the Constituent Assembly (CA) in Nepal has been a giant endeavor- a synergy of challenge and opportunity. Obviously, the nature of elections for the Constituent Assembly has been quite different than the conventional system of parliamentary elections. It required vigorous exercise to understand the complexities associated with the electoral process including the voting techniques as per the provisions in the new laws and directives. NEOC closely looked into all dynamics related to the electoral process. Categorically, it monitored within its jurisdiction various problems related to the administration of the elections, selection of candidates, political financing, the behavior of political parties and ways to ensure that voters are sufficiently well informed in the entire electoral process. At this outset, NEOC invited 40 international observers along with the mobilization of more than 15,000 domestic observers and about 10,000 volunteers in all 75 districts and 240 constituencies in the CA election held on April 10, 2008. NEOC also observed the CA by-election held on April 10, 2009 in six vacant constituencies.